A tender moment.


REBECCA BUTTIGIEG, MAGGIE EVANS, LAURA NORDIN and JODY HEWSTON convened at The Fringe Creation Lab February 3, 4 and 5 to workshop Rebecca’s FIERCE MONSTERS.

It was an incredibly productive weekend, and some major changes are on their way for an already excellent script.

Maggie and Laura have been involved in the project with THE POP GROUP since before there was a POP GROUP, and will be with us when we finally get to put the play up. It really wouldn’t be the same without them. They have great ideas and do a swell soft shoe. (Video coming shortly.)

Also, if you haven’t used the Creation Lab, it’s a great space.  It’s bright, beautiful and spacious,  plus they offer artist subsidies that make it affordable for use by most independent companies. Claire, the Lab Coordinator is a gem who will go out of her way to assist you. The only downside we found is the sound bleed between rooms. We took an early lunch when the people in the next studio began rehearsing something  operatic in Klingon on Saturday, and we were forced out early on Sunday by an insanely loud voice class. There is a good neighbour policy posted, but it’s not something that can really be enforced, I suppose.

All in all it was an incredible and incredibly fun weekend. There’s nothing like hanging out in a room with good people working on art…

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