For a series of on-going posts we posed this question to various artists-with-kids:

“How has having children changed your art and the way in which you make it?”

In the first installment, actor Gord Bolan tells us how having Henry -his son with actor Jenny Young- impacted his life as a creative professional.

Jenny, Gord, and their son, Henry. Photo by Billy MacLellan.

The day our son Henry was born a good friend of mine called me with an offer for work. I told him I would do it, then proceeded to tell him that we were at the hospital and that Jenny, my fiancée, was in labour. He wisely said he’d check back in a few days. When he called back I had to tell him that I no longer thought I could do it. In the space between those two phone calls my life had changed more dramatically than I ever could have anticipated.

Jenny and I have many goals and dreams, but there are two major ones that we have in common: To have a productive, fulfilling creative life, and to have a happy, fulfilling family life. Now, if you can do one of these things in your life I think it’s a major accomplishment. Trying to do both? Impossible. And yet, in the midst of this chaos, in the eight months since Henry’s been born, we have found that two things have become much clearer for us: One, that things will always work out; and two, it might just be possible to have it all.

Gord is a Toronto-based actor and musician. He is a member and former Artistic Producer of Actors Repertory Company (ARC). Recent credits include Chekhov for Two at the Slavije Festival in Belgrade, Serbia and the By The Sea Festival in Bourgas, Bulgaria, and the ARC Fringe production of Out At Sea by Sławomir Mrożek. His fiancee, Jenny Young, is also an actor (CBC Radio’s Afghanada) and a musician. They play together (along with Jason O’Brien) in the acoustic trio Local 164. Their son, Henry, poops a lot.

The photo at the top of the page is of Gord in Reesor, by Kitchenband Productions. If you know who took the picture please let us know so credit can be given.

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