Becca and reindeer Lou at the 2012 Santa Claus Parade

THE POP GROUP’s own REBECCA BUTTIGIEG and JODY HEWSTON have a wonderful little baby girl named Emmylou, so today Becca presents the second in our on-going series about being an artist-parent. (You can read the first installment, featuring Gord Bolan HERE.)

Again, the question we’re posing is “How has having children changed your art and the way in which you make it?”

Having Lou represented a shift in focus for me. It required me to change the way I budgeted my time,  particularly because my schedule demands that I split myself into three: mummy, artist,  and then my day job as a recreation  therapist.  I work a regular schedule, which means that late afternoons and weekends belong to Lou.   My creative time now happens in the evening after she has gone to bed (or has pretended to-good enough!) It’s funny,  but I find myself getting far more work done on my artistic endeavours than  I did before she came into our lives.  Partly because I want to be involved in projects, and demanding a flexible schedule requires that I create my own work, so I can set my own rules. It’s also that I am now acutely aware of how precious time is,  not to mention that  I am inspired by my beautiful daughter, and I want to show her that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  If you have a passion or a dream,  you can achieve it in own your time and on your own terms.

REBECCA is the co-Artistic Director of THE POP GROUP, and is the writer of FIERCE MONSTERS. She is also a contributor to BEFORE I FORGET and is an actor in the up-coming web series THE RETURN OF THE JOHNSON SIBS. Outside of THE POP GROUP she is an award-winning actor who has taken part in PRAXIS THEATRE‘s DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Fringe project and performed in productions of Proof, Anne of Green Gables and The Boys Next Door.

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  1. I totally know what you mean by actually being MORE focused on projects now than before baby was born. Once my Eva reached her first birthday and things got back on track (sort of) I found myself forced into a position of MAKING time for my artistic endeavors and I also felt more of a drive, like now it was more of a challenge and with that fire I’m getting more things done! I don’t know what I did with my time before baby!!! Just remember to take breaks so you can stay sane. Meditation also helped me focus and stay calm 🙂

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