Will Currie & The Country French give it their substantial all, despite the sparse turnout.

Last night was a combination of fantastic music, a great location and a prime night for concert going. After advertising as much as was humanly and fiscally possible, we estimated that it would be a fairly busy evening.

Except it wasn’t.

 When doors opened,  a few good friends trickled in, as well as special guests and acquaintances of the musicians.  I was initially alarmed, but hung onto hope that it was early,  people never show up early to concerts, right?  By 9:30 it was glaringly apparent that things were looking sparse,  and at 10:00,  we knew that this was not going to be what we intended it to.

So what happened?  It’s hard to say. We had two bands who will be playing at Canadian Music Week in a few days, two who are well established and known in the community,  and two new and talented acts.  We had the Garrison, an amazing space for audiences and musicians,  and we had the power of  the newspaper,  connected friends pushing the show, postering and online promotion on our side.

Sometimes you have a near perfect formula and things don’t pan out.  It’s disappointing, but to be honest, we were more concerned for our amazing musicians, who probably played the smallest room that they have encountered in a long time.  Some of them,  Will Currie and the Country French and Proof of Ghosts in particular, traveled for almost two and a half hours to be there.  All of them donated their time, came early to set up,  and were all round stand up people.  They handled the situation with grace and gave it all during their performances.  They told us not to worry about it,  and stayed to support each other so that everyone would have an audience. I can’t say enough about these peeps,  including our top secret guests –let’s call them Analog GPS- who also lent some of the other bands instruments.  I would encourage you to check all of them out online, and in concert; I’m providing a list of links below.

Although it’s hard not to beat oneself up about a drawback, on the positive side, it was an evening of incredible music, and those of us who were there were treated to an intimate look into how great musicians work  and play together. I have no doubt there was not a better night of music anywhere in Toronto last night. To work with soundman Ryan, and bartender Hugh (I hope I’m getting that right) at the Garrison, who bent over backwards to help us out.  It was an opportunity to connect with other artists.  To learn about generosity from those musicians, and friends –old and new- who supported and promoted us in person  and  online.

Thank-you: WILL CURRIE AND THE COUNTRY FRENCHPROOF OF GHOSTSDIRTY DISHES, NORTH, Local 164 and “ANALOG GPS.”  We will be forever grateful for your incredible performances and the way you shared your valuable time with us.

Know that if we can ever assist you in any way, you need only ask.

Thank-you to The Garrison (Ryan, Hugh and booker Sean) for your top notch service, and your willingness to go that extra mile.

Thank you friends and artists, who supported us through this process, and to those who came out and joined us in person…you know you are!

Thank you  all for everything.

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  1. Despite the low turnout last night, I think you guys should be really proud of yourselves. I had a great time and wished I could have stayed longer to see everyone else play. I look forward to watching your company grow and flourish. Thanks for a great night!

  2. We are incredibly proud of the show we put together! The band’s were amazing, the friends we saw equally amazing, and the new friends we made… Too early to tell. 🙂 We don’t feel discouraged: We will make The Return of The Johnson Sibs web series anyway! We only wish the bands had more of an audience. Thanks for coming Lisa!! It was great to see you.

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