Over the next week or so we’re going to be posting some pictures and a few videos from THE POP GROUP’s fundraiser on March 15th. We regret that we didn’t manage to get video or usable pictures of all of the acts -Apologies especially to NORTH and “Analog GPS”- but please know that we appreciate all that they gave that night, and that -to a band- their talents were beyond even our expectations. I have no doubt that there has not been a better night of music in Toronto in some time.

Steve Heyerdahl’s PROOF OF GHOSTS project -He’s also got his more well-known punk act, THE ELECTRIC SHOES- is one of those things that, when you see it, just sticks with you. The songs are simply amazing, like Lovin’ Spoonful songs played by someone who spends most of his time, well, playing punk rock and listening to Neil Young. There’s an insanely charming naivety to the music and the words that just doesn’t come along very often these days.

Steve has the aura of someone who, no matter what he’s doing at any given time, would rather have a guitar in his hand and be singing some songs

Some other PROOF OF GHOSTS links:

Performing for Exclaim!   MYSPACE   BANDCAMP   SOUNDCLICK

PROOF OF GHOSTS records for WEEWERK RECORDS, although they don’t do it nearly enough… (Get on that, Steve.)

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