The second part of THE POP GROUP’s series in which we attempt to know our enemies (a/k/a The other shows at SummerWorks) by asking them –under the guise of helping to promote their shows– to provide us with a photo, a favorite line, and an elevator pitch. And then we rip them a new one.

In part one we obliterated BIG PLANS. Next up, HAUNTED.

Written and directed by DANIEL KARASIK, and produced by The Haunted Group with the assistance of TANGO CO., the play features SARAH ENGLISH, AMELIA SARGISSON, JONATHAN WIDDIFIELD, and someone named ROSE MARIE DUMB S’MORES. What a name. Rose Marie Dumb S’Mo… Dunsmore?? ROSEMARY DUNSMORE???? They got ROSEMARY DUNSMORE??? What the hell? Is that even fair?

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that Daniel Karasik has taken Rosemary Dunsmore’s cat hostage… Call Michael Rubenfeld.

Rosemary Dunsmore, and Jonathan Widdifield. Photo by Samya Kullab.

“You can cultivate an appreciation for mystery, but that doesn’t make it less mysterious.”

It’s got a ghost, a rabbi, sex, spiritual hunger, and emotional nakedness. And it won last year’s Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition. Come check it out!

It’s got a ghost? Of course it has a ghost. It’s called HAUNTED, and take a look at that picture of Rosemary Dunsmore up there, and tell me she’s not playing THIS GUY.

Anyway. HAUNTED is playing at the Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace, if you’re into award-winning pays featuring theatre legend Rosemary Dunsmore. Click on the name of the play anywhere in this post to buy tickets. And also, click HERE to buy tickets to FIERCE MONSTERS, produced by THE POP GROUP and up at The Lower Ossington Theatre.

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