I was on the 63 Ossington bus coming home after a showing of FIERCE MONSTERS the other night, and this pretty smelly guy fell asleep with his head on my shoulder. The shoulder of my jacket now smells like mothballs and 12-year old Pomade. The rest of the jacket is fine, but the shoulder is done for.

The point is, riding the bus sucks.

Which brings us to THE POP GROUP‘s next installment of The Competition, in which we lure our enemies (A/K/A Other shows at SUMMERWORKS) into answering a few questions for us under the guise of promoting their shows and then we ridicule the hellout of them.

First we skewered BIG PLANS, and then we set our sights on HAUNTED, and now we take aim at LEMONTREE CREATIONSTHE DUTCHMAN, which takes place and is staged upon a bus. Which is great if your idea of a fun night at the theatre is coming out smelling of mothballs and 12-year old Pomade.

Featuring the not unimpressive talents of SASCHA COLE and PEYSON ROCK, and directed by SABRYN ROCKTHE DUTCHMAN was written in the 1960’s by the brilliant and insanely controversial poet AMIRI BARAKA. Is he racist? Enlightened? Antisemetic? Visionary? Misogynistic? Hard to say, but few who have read his writings can argue that he has a brilliant mind, and considering the majority of his most inflammatory work was written in an America that had recently seen the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X, it’s hard to make the argument that his anger wasn’t fairly rooted in…

Wait, let’s get back on track… Talented creative team… Great cast… Controversial and brilliant writer… Award-winning script… Man, this sounds like a good play. Ugh.

And we haven’t even gotten to LEMONTREE CREATIONS‘ response to our requests:

Eating apples together is always the first step.

It’s a play from controversial playwright Amiri Baraka and we are putting it on inside an authentic TTC Bus. It’s going to be super intimate and super exciting!

THE DUTCHMAN is being staged on a bus in the parking lot of Queen West Storage, at 21 Ossington, which is across the street from and just south of, The Lower Ossington Theatre, which is coincidentally where THE POP GROUP is putting on FIERCE MONSTERS! Three shows left! To buy tickets for either show (or both!) just click on the name in this post.

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