Our friend, Nancy Kenny, has launched an IndieGOGO campaign to raise funds to tour her one woman show, Roller Derby Saved My Soul, across the country, with the possibility of dipping down in to the US as well. The play was a massive hit at the Ottawa Fringe, where it won Outstanding Fringe Production, Best in Fest, and a Juror’s Honorable Mention, as well as taking a Best in Venue prize at the Hamilton Fringe.

Below, we’ve asked Nancy for her favorite line from the play, her two minute elevator pitch, and to give us an idea of where the money from her fundraising will be used:

“Princess Leia kicks so much butt.  I wish I was her.  Or maybe Buffy… No definitely Leia.

Because that’s more realistic.”

Roller Derby Saved My Soul is a quirky and uplifting one-woman show about roller-derby, superheroes and finding your place in the world. Amy is a directionless woman just turned 30, still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns in her basement apartment and living in the shadow of her more successful younger sister. Dreaming of a day when she can “kick ass” like the female superheroes she idolizes, something ignites inside her after catching her sister in a Roller Derby match. With a mixture of heartwarming honesty and snappy observations, Amy discovers an inner strength she never knew she had and maybe (just maybe) finally beats her sister at something.

I’d like to spend the rest of 2012, redeveloping sections of the show (ie. expanding on the relationships between the sisters, as well as the other players on the team), hiring a sound designer and movement coach and adding more movement sequences on skates in order to be ready for a cross-Canada tour in 2013. Ideally this would be done through the Canadian Fringe Festival Circuit. If I beat my fundraising goal of $5000, I also have interest from an independent theatre producer in the US to do a tour in his home state.

Let’s help her out! You can read more about Roller Derby Saved My Soul –reviews, interviews, other press– HERE , and you can visit the IndieGOGO campaign page by clicking the name of the play anywhere in the post.
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