Jody is an actor, writer, director and illustrator.

He is the former co-Artistic Director of Dorothy Said Theatre! In their production of Alison McElwain’s Last House, he got to live out two of his acting dreams: Performing  with his favorite actor, Oliver Dennis,and -during a public reading- with the late John Neville.

He has done illustrations for The Praxis Blog (including the semi-regular feature Culture Heroes) as well as Canadian Theatre Review and Shrimp Magnet Theatre, among others. He is working on a line of T-shirts to sell through The Pop Group.

He has acted professionally for 10+ years, appearing in a bunch of commercials, shorts, films and TV shows, as well as some theatre every now and then. In 2009 he won The Markeing Awards award for best performance in a commercial, for his portrayal of Hypnotized Guy in a Mr. Lube ad.

His first play, The Slump in the Chair, was performed at The Sudbury Theatre Centre. He has since written the play God Damn the Morning, and the film Punching Your Weight, which was optioned by a production company but died in rewrites and now doesn’t even remotely resemble the script he imagined; lesson learned. He is currently developing God Damn the Morning into a film, the TV pilot Days & Nights, and is thinking about writing a play about Charles Ponzi. THE POP GROUP is in the process of producing his web series, The Return of The Johnson Sibs.

He is married to his co-Artistic Director in THE POP GROUP, Rebecca Buttigieg, and is the super-proud father of the sweetest bum in the world, Emmylou, tickle, tickle.

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